Nicholas D. Rosen (ndrosen) wrote,
Nicholas D. Rosen

Soul Survivor, and Car Accident

I have previously spoken well of Matthew Joseph Harrington's Soul Survivor, and included a link to the book on Kindle. He has now been in a car accident -- not at all his fault, from the description:, and needs $250 to cover the deductible. From his replies to comments, he is unable to ask people for money; he has to earn it. The book costs one dollar, of which he gets 35 or 40 cents.

I assure you, the book is worth buying, and would be if the author were spending the money to hire another assistant grape-peeler. If you have had any thoughts about maybe getting the book some day, please act on them ASAP.

Here's the Amazon Kindle link:

Here's the Barnes and Noble Nook link:
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