Nicholas D. Rosen (ndrosen) wrote,
Nicholas D. Rosen

Stanley Howard Rosen, R.I.P.

I am told that my father died at 11:36 AM today. Perhaps I should be feeling more grief than I do. Being dead may be better than remaining alive for years of physical and mental decay, and he was already in poor shape before his recent (conjectured) series of mini-strokes and then bout of pneumonia.

Despite our problems -- both of us could be proud and angry -- he was my father, he provided for me, and he brought me up in a household full of books.

My sister emailed the family about the situation yesterday. They were playing music for him, including Debussy's String Quartet, because the nurse said that hearing is often the last thing to go. I hope he got something out of the music as his life drifted to its end.

His dates are July 29, 1929, to May 4, 2014. I expect to attend the funeral in a few days. Rest in peace.
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